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Our specialty is customer service and we recognize that effective communication is the key to surviving in today's high-tech environment. In support of this philosophy, we provide our OEM's with a 24/7, real-time, secure extranet. Our proprietary tracking software, SigmaTrack, provides the extranet with current project status directly from the shop floor. This e-business tool is invaluable when dealing with quick turn-around and turnkey services.

In addition to viewing the WIP-level status of your order, we have developed a system to monitor any defects that might arise while building and testing your assembly. The Defect Recording System (DRS) employs a network of PCs on the shop floor to gather statistics about the quality of your order. You no longer have to take our word for it - just check the extranet yourself - we are quality.

Manufacturing & Test Capabilities | NPI and Value Added Engineering | Supply Chain | Account Management

Manufacturing & Test Capabilities

Our world class high velocity manufacturing capabilities begin with the unrelenting focus and dedication of our employees towards continuous improvement of our process and is complimented by our absolute commitment to leading edge equipment selection. We have consistency in purpose and in all of our production lines across our two facilities.

Here's what we're running under the hood:


  • All software mirrored
  • Speedline MPM Momentum
  • 2D Inspection


  • All software and comp mirroring
  • Universal GC-60D
  • Universal GC-30/AC30
  • Universal multiplatform GX-11S
  • CSP/QFP/BGA (0.3-0.6mm pitch)
  • 00105 (0402mm) capability
  • Odd form capable
  • Package on package (PoP)


  • All software is mirrored
  • BTU Pyramax 125
  • 10 zone ovens
  • Closed loop convention control

AOI & AXI Inspection

  • All software is mirrored
  • Post reflow inspection
  • 100% AOI TRI 7550 (solder joint inspection)
  • 100% 5D AXI series 2 (on hidden solder joints


  • Flying Probe SPEA 4040
  • ICT Test Genrad 2287i
  • ICT test Agilent 3070
  • Boundary Scan
  • ESS (Environmental Stress Testing)
  • High voltage testing
  • RF testing

Final System Build & Logistics

  • Full final system integration
  • Sub assembly and complete system assembly
  • Configuration management
  • Finished good stocking
  • Full order fulfillment & logistics management
  • Repair depot

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NPI and Value Added Engineering

Expertise is at the heart of our value added engineering capabilities. Companies in today's highly competitive marketplace face increasing challenges on a daily basis. Shortened product life cycles, more demanding customers, and escalating development costs require new strategies for product development and sustaining engineering support

At SigmaPoint, our collaborative approach with your engineering and design staff assures successful NPI (new product introduction). Our rapid prototyping and consistent focus on long term manufacturability not only help to get you to market faster but assure ongoing product life cycle success. We move beyond traditional DFM through design for assembly as well as design for supply chain success to ensure successful product launches. Custom test strategies and functional tests, environmental stress tests and others ensure high reliability for complex assemblies.

  1. Design for assembly (Valor Trilogy)
  2. Design for supply chain (Promiere, POURs, RoHS conversion)
  3. Custom test-plan strategy and implementation (AOI, 5DXRay, Flying probe, ICT, BScan, Functional and ESS)

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Supply Chain

The development of key supplier relationships and the understanding of our customers market and product technology are critical components within our supply chain strategy. At SigmaPoint we collaborate on both ends of the supply chain and utilize world class information technology to reduce costs, shorten component lead-times, mitigate risk, and strengthen the integrity of supply pipelines.

Execution On Demand

The right inventory levels per component with a unique demand execution strategy, give our customers piece of mind so they can focus on their broader business goals. They know we've got them covered.

Plan For Every Part

Using a database containing information on millions of electronic components, effective component intelligence at the Bill of Material (BOM) level is critical to saving both time and money throughout the product lifecycle. Leveraging our proprietary SigmaTrack capability along with our suite of software tools and systems we have the ability to provide:

  • Lean direct order fulfillment
  • BOM optimization
  • Component lifecycle analysis
  • Controlled liability programs
  • Product change notification (PCN) data
  • Lead-free and RoHS data
  • Suggested component alternatives
  • Customer exposure reporting
  • Consigned inventory management
  • Full lot code traceability

Leveraging world class supply chain tools like Promiere gives our OEM partners real time intelligence about their product designs for today and tomorrow. These type of best-in-class technology solutions allow us to execute with fewer resources and increase the quality of data captured directly from the manufacturers. By identifying the desirable characteristics and setting the appropriate class codes, we can speed our buying decisions yielding enhanced results and overall efficiency in our supply chain strategy. We will continue to make these types of investments so our customers don't have to

Supply Chain Partnerships

SigmaPoint purchases millions of dollars of materials each year, utilizing both customer specific and commodity based buying techniques. We have Corporate Purchasing Agreements and achieve dollar volume leveraging with select distribution partners. Our preferred suppliers provide bonded inventory and perform price tracking and comparisons to ensure that SigmaPoint's pricing is competitive.

Partnerships with our Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier base means SigmaPoint delivers several distinct advantages to our customers, resulting in both time and cost savings. On-site inventory with in-plant stores and consignment inventory allow SigmaPoint to pull components from stock as needed, eliminating lead-time issues and reducing material cost and contingent liabilities. An MRP Share Program allows bonding of inventory based on a weekly supply; SigmaPoint receives parts as needed, just in time, with all forecast changes updated automatically. Our inventory and supply management efficiently supports our customers' reduced time to market objectives.

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Account Management

At SigmaPoint, our effective business and marketing strategy is to penetrate a specific and diverse customer base by building long-lasting relationships that are constructed on a foundation of trust. Our Account Management team begins by listening to your needs. This seasoned and knowledgeable team is empowered to respond effectively by drawing on experience and expertise and offer start-to-finish solutions to your business objectives. We manage risk by acting as an extension of the OEM and offer customized, cost-effective approaches to manage all aspects of your program. We do this day-in and day-out and we take initiative and responsibility for every thing we do.

What you can expect from our Account Management Team:

  • Responsive daily interaction
  • Crisp, timely, proactive two-way communication
  • Open sharing of information and cultures
  • Innovative, effective practices to prevent problems and improve performance
  • Regularly scheduled and AdHoc program reviews

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Developing strong relationships with our key partners has been our strength in the industry. Our open book manufacturing strategy helps lay the foundation for a trusting relationship with our OEM and Supplier partners.


Engaging a passionate workforce is a key element of our success at SigmaPoint. A passionate workforce directly affects the health of our bottom line and aids in creating a positive and vibrant culture.


We are continuously working to find new and innovative solutions to assist our partners in reducing their time to market.


Our carefully sequenced actions lead to predictable results and sustainable positive impact on the bottom line for our customer partners.

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