In today's fast-paced business environment it is imperative that an OEM feels closely connected to its contract manufacturing partner, regardless of time or distance.

One of SigmaPoint’s differentiated advantages in the EMS industry is our proprietary manufacturing software SigmaTrack, which allows both our employees and our end customers access to real-time supply chain, production, quality and logistics data 24/7/365. This seamless, “virtual-factory” solution provides optimal customer partnering with secure log-in from any internet connection.

Through SigmaTrack’s friendly user interface, our customers can track an assembly’s build schedule, material availability, test results, packing and shipping details, as well as end customer tracking information. By using SigmaTrack they even have access to work instruction details from our shop floor.

Key Features/Benefits

  • Connects customers, suppliers, employees
  • Real time access to production floor activities
  • Live MRP view
  • Quality reporting and trend analysis
  • Engineering notes
  • Full lot code traceability of all components
  • Complete serial number association (SNA) data
  • Custom generated reports for key metric reviews


Developing strong relationships with our key partners has been our strength in the industry. Our open book manufacturing strategy helps lay the foundation for a trusting relationship with our OEM and Supplier partners.


Engaging a passionate workforce is a key element of our success at SigmaPoint. A passionate workforce directly affects the health of our bottom line and aids in creating a positive and vibrant culture.


We are continuously working to find new and innovative solutions to assist our partners in reducing their time to market.


Our carefully sequenced actions lead to predictable results and sustainable positive impact on the bottom line for our customer partners.

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